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Insulting the review committee in a proposal- never good. Thank god I'm editting this bad boy.


I don't know how I managed to do it but I just bought shoes and dresses for graduation.


Some strappy Campers

and some strappy Cole Haan Nike Air heels

And dresses :

A white and black number


a floral print

Now to see which I keep and which I return.

the internet is evil

I'm surfing since I'm on night 5 of 7 on the mountain and am taking exposures long enough to surf, but not long enough to have me working on thesis revisions. . .

What have I found but pretty expensive dresses. Dear god if I had a reason to wear this mermaid dress or this floaty number or this white and blue floaty number, I'd shoot my wad so fast on the pretty and bounce and flounce.

Of course, would I ever have a reason to wear such items? Hells to the no. Okay admittedly my icon here was in a flounce and bounce dress (which you of course cannot see) for a friend's Oscars party, but for that party which is in a house blah blah blah, I wouldn't feel right blowing such a load of money. All of my formal and flouncey dresses for that party came in under $80 because I had awesome sale searching skills in Los Angeles (and a Jessica McClintock outlet). Plus I'd probably kill those dresses by refusing to wear proper footwear- I know I'd refuse to wear shoes at all with the floaty dresses just because it's easier to bounce and flounce on barefeet.

Speaking of barefeet. . .I need some cute heels for my defense and they need to multitask as I'll probably be wearing them to graduation as well where I'll have to run out of the graduation ceremony to make astronomy colloquium- which is another planetary person of freaking course. But items in the running for the fashion there include these tops from Talbots (I have both the blue and white and the beige bird and flower print there) with a black blazer and then some black bottoms. . .pencil skirt or black pants. My only issue is that the black pants I have right now have too much stretch in them, so by the end of the day I have a saggy bum. I do also have suits (black pinstripe pantsuit and one grey 3 season wool skirted number), but I still find those a bit too stodgy for my defense (to the point of making me feel hella uncomfortable and incapable of channeling my inner badass).

And revisions are going. . .the intro chapter has been kicking my butt up and down but I think it's done. Which is good because it's due on Friday! Thankfully I got rid of the advisor from the mountain yesterday so I can work in "peace" (meaning I can have Ke$ha's Blow or the A-trak remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Heads Will Roll cranked up to hella loud as I work) but we did have a skype chat before observing started tonight where I finally didn't mask my snippiness about things I find stupid. There is an intersection of stupid that has nothing to do with my thesis yet it does because it's department politics so I think I'm doing pretty good at not going crazy yet. When I stopped in to say hello in Tucson last week one of the profs said I seemed overly calm for defending in about 3 weeks. Little did he know that I had my first ever real stress puking incident last week (yes I know TMI, but haven't gotten this far without doing that is kinda impressive). We'll see how much I lose it when I hit Minneapolis- starwitch78 love I think you and I might have to do drinks before my defense to keep me sane and away from my laptop for awhile.



So um yeah I've been quiet because holy shit my dissertation is due to the committee in about a week and a half *hyperventilates* And I leave for Tucson on Tuesday for a week long observing run (please shoot me now or pray for really crappy weather after next Saturday in the Tucson area please).

But I just got off skype with the advisor where I was warned to get ready for questions at my defense because. . . my undergrad advisor will most likely be in attendance. I refrained from squeeing, but that would be so awesome. 12 freaking years ago my undergrad advisor took a little troublemaking 17 year old on as a researcher resulting in my first astronomy publications, including my first short little first author paper.

So now I'm both bounce-y squeetastic and a bit sniffly that it sounds like other people's schedules are being made around my defense.

Well. . .

I'm getting further blood tests done.

It's not PCOS (yay! No reason to take the make Erin completely batshit birth control pills).

It may be Cushings instead, so I get to take steroids and then have my blood drawn.

Maybe this time I won't get the trainee phlebotomist unlike last week.



Is it wrong to dance when after many years you find a doc whose first idea is to give you the test you've been asking for for many years?

If it is, too bad, I'm doing a little dance.

Though that may also be courtesy of the Java Chip Frappucino. . .

Post of the week

First off: OMG William and Kate commemorative condoms! *dies laughing* Of course the snarky text in the article also makes it more memorable than when I saw the webpage earlier this week. Just remember. . .only 5 pounds for commemorative novelty condoms not suitable for contraception.

Secondly: I *sigh* got my Spitzer proposal in Thursday night almost 24 hours before the deadline. I am now back to dissertating. But my mind has wandered to a very important question: what the bleep do I wear for my defense? I know the traditional answer is suit. I have two- one black pant suit with very narrow and not overly noticable green stripes and then one grey wool skirt suit a la Talbots. I also have a black dress (this one) which while sleek and yay black can be dressed up and down with shoes, makeup and the magical jewelry stuff. My closet also has the standards of black pencil skirt *snore* and button up shirts in grey, white and blue.

Personally I'm leaning towards dark denim pencil skirt, some top of unknown as of yet origin and a black cord blazer with my Lucchese boots because that would make me comfortable yet able to channel my inner badass. I am not sure however that my personal quirkiness will be acceptable. My next choice would be the black dress if I could find shoes to wear with it and the appropriate shinies, though I feel like that dress wants heels and I'm still not in love with anything I've seen yet besides some stripper-esque stilletos I've seen that would probably result in a sprained ankle again (but they were so pretty and blue!).

Any ideas from the peanut gallery? When I did my PhD oral exam I was just told to "dress nice" and that button up shirts are a good thing and did fine, but gravitated towards the all black. I have *hyperventilates* about 2 and a half months to make it work in the infamous words of Tim Gunn and am giving department colloquium for the oral section of my defense, so I believe the phrase eek and oh my god is coming out of my mouth often on this topic.

Oscar noms, WTF.

Alright I should make the disclaimer that I haven't seen as movies this year as I probably should because umm yeah I live in Charlottesville and thus some movies don't even come here.

But seriously Academy of Motion Pictures? Hans fricken Zimmer for best original score but no Daft Punk for Tron Legacy? How could you nominate a composer who puts the same themes in his scores such that you hear Bouncy Captain Jack Sparrow's theme in fricken Gladiator?

Admittedly I've been listening to Daft Punk's score over and over and could probably play some of the instrumental parts by ear by now, but I didn't appreciate the richness and depth of the score until I used my headphones (and I had mostly been listening with my laptop but did see the movie in the big fancy pants theatre in Short Pump/Richmond). I heard bass lines I obviously don't hear on my laptop because it lacks decent bass range and somehow didn't hear at the theatre that were lovely and complex unlike most people's view of electronic which veers towards the thud thud thud kind of music.

And yes, Tron: Legacy was awful for sci-fi and an Olivia Wilde acting vehicle, but it was obvious during the movie that they didn't take themselves too seriously with all the references to The Dude going on (and yes, a rug would have really tied that room together). Plus I think they didn't use Captain John Sheridan enough in the movie, however that's the spoiled sci-fi geek in me.

I have finally gotten old

I was starting to feel old when my friends were getting married. I started feeling older when they started having kids and I swear I feel older everytime someone has a second kid.

But this week I'm starting to feel really old as I found out via Facebook that someone from high school (flute section marching band shenanigans FTW!) passed away in her sleep this last week.

I certainly don't feel almost 30, but sometimes there is a bit of news that makes me feel like the years have been going by way too fast. Ugh.

nope I'm not stressed

One would think that having a dissertation defense date would light a fire under my backside to get the darned thing finished. One would be correct. The only downpoint to having a deadline is that I'm now stressed. . .specifically because I was dumb enough to ask for a week of observing in March during dark time. Technically we own the time so I should get it, but I did say Feb-April were acceptable so I'm worried about observing when my dissertation is due to the committee and when I'd like to be writing the slides for my oral defense.

The sign of my stress level was last night's nightmares- that I had observing runs that I had forgotten to travel for. And not just anywhere, but one of the largest telescopes in Arizona which I haven't used for nearly a decade since undergrad. It's the very first time I've had an observing based nightmare.

And even better is that on twitter someone else reassured me that their observing nightmare revolves around not being ready at dusk. Ummm, I'm rarely ever completely ready at dusk and every time I go to Kitt Peak I pray that the internet hasn't barfed so I can get the correct coordinates for whatever asteroid or comet I'm observing. Apparently I am other people's nightmares at telescopes.




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